Abondance Cattle



Abondance Cattle

Painted in Watercolours and Pastels Size 12.5 x 12 inches

Price £120.00 unframed

Walking amongst the flower pastures above Samoens, I spotted a herd of Abondance Cattle quietly grazing under an old tree.

These gentle cattle are famous in the Haute Savoie  for producing rich milk traditionally used for Reblochon Cheese.

To purchase this original painting email Jane at lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

The Red Jersey

Maglia Rosso Passione
Maglia Rosso Passione

Maglia Rosso Passione

Size 12 x 9 inches

Prints available

The Red jersey won by Mark Cavendish painted in watercolours.

After watching the Giro d’Italia live at Borghetto, I felt I just had to put paint to paper.

It made me feel so inspired and to feel this when you paint brings out the passion in your painting.

For more information about this special watercolour email me at


Online Watercolour course

What started as a tiny idea in the middle of the night, as become a project that I am really pleased with and also get so much enjoyment out of.

Having read some of John Ruskin’s diaries which he wrote while living in the Lake District, about students who took part in his correspondence course, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to do something similar  but with the powers of the internet. So I set up the ‘Online Watercolour Course’ this is designed for anybody who would like to learn some techniques in watercolour painting, while following in depth step by step projects. There are six project in each course and each one is a landscape scene. Some are of the Lake District, which is ideal to paint in Watercolours and lends itself to this wonderful medium.

The first project is a easy tonal painting of Derwentwater  from this we go to Blea Tarn in the Langdales and Windermere. ‘On the rocks’ is the sixth project in the first course and it always amazes me how everyone improves throughout the course and paints a stunning seascape scene.

Now including three video demonstrations to complement Course one Watercolours for Beginners.

With each project personal feedback is given and extra handy tips, it is I feel really important to get positive feedback and often paintings are just put in a draw and forgotten, but to see where improvements can be made can make such a difference to confident painting.

If you would like to start the Online course it’s £75 for six projects and is suitable for anyone who would like to learn the magic of watercolour.

Painting days in Samoens


With stunning views like this around every corner the Giffre valley is pure heaven for an artist.

The Sixt cheval is a jaw dropping spectacular of waterfalls, interesting cliffs and mountain peaks all situated above a peaceful pasture land full of wildflowers of every colour.

Samoens a tradition Savoyard village full of beautiful buildings and recognised as “ville fleurie” one of the prettiest towns  in the French Alps with balconies full of flowers, a colourful market and a botanical garden is perfect to capture colourful sketches.

In the Summer months of June, July and August I will be offering ‘painting days’ around Samoens.

These days will be suitable for beginners and also Improvers and can be taken with individual tuition or in a small group or couple.

For more details on prices and equipment just email me at lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

Springtime, Borrowdale

Springtime, Borrowdale
Springtime, Borrowdale

At the far end of the Borrowdale valley you find the tiny village of Stonethwaite. Amongst the pub and the village post office there is a tiny cafe, which sells mugs of tea and coffee and a few tray bakes. You sit on a couple of wooden benches facing each other, sometimes sheltering from the rain. You might gaze around this tiny room and or listen to the cafe owner tell stories of Stonethwaite. ‘Springtime in Borrowdale’ was painted in watercolours on a sunny April morning, the light catching magically on the Herdwicks fleece. This hardy little Sheep is famous in the valleys of Lakeland and spends much of there time high on the fell tops.

Price £130.00 unframed size 19 x 10 inches

To purchase this beautiful original watercolour send me an  email to lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

Step by Step watercolor of a Bluebell Wood

bluebell walkc

Woodland scenes are difficult to paint in Watercolours.

Where do I begin? How do I create distance and what colours do I mix to create the  Beautiful Bluebells.

Why not have a go, with my easy step by step Bluebell Wood project.

Let me show you how easy it is with simple step by step instructions, colourful Photographs and all the tips and techniques

you will need to produce a wonderful watercolour painting.

 Just send me an email to lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

I will send back the instructions and you can start

painting Bluebells straight away,leaning many tips and secrets.

  Bluebell Wood Project.

Price £4.80

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Ladies Lunch Italian Style

Ladies Lunch Italian Style
Ladies Lunch Italian Style

Imagine a tiny village  situated on the edge of a Lake, with a ferry calling in every few hours and a couple of cafes on the lake edge. The cafe owner brings your cool drink across a quite street with a few aperitifs to enjoy. You sit back and enjoy the lazy day and watch a few passers go by. A handful of Ladies choose a table  in the shade,and began to chatter while prosecco’s  are passed around. This special little hamlet is called Riva di Solta on Lake Iseo and this is what inspired me to paint ‘Ladies Lunch Italian Style.

‘Ladies Lunch’ is available as a print

Leisure painter in the Italian Lakes

Monte Isola

Take the ferry from Sulzano across to Monta Isola, it only takes five minutes to sail across. Walk along the shore and find a shaded spot. Ideally  under an Olive tree in the warm afternoon sunshine. Gaze across the bay to the tiny village of Sensole and begin to sketch. You will need to dip your feet often into the warm blue lake, this helps with the inspiration and also will help to magic the paintbrush across the paper.

This is how I painted ‘Monte Isola’ watercolour, if you would like to sample a little of this magic why not come to Lake Iseo on my painting holiday the date is Saturday 14th September 2013 for a week we will stay at the stunning Rivalago on the Lake shore for more information 


Calm Waters, Derwentwater


Calm Waters, Derwentwater
Calm Waters, Derwentwater

I often sit and reflect the day, watch the geese and ducks take their evening flights across the still and tranquil  lake.

A few dog walkers pass by, a photographer waits patiently for the sunset to appear between the far distant fells of Buttermere. This is my view of ‘Calm waters, Derwentwater’ captured in a simple palette of Blue watercolours.

Calm Waters, Derwentwater Sold

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle painted in watercolours
Castlerigg Stone Circle painted in watercolours

I felt inspired to paint Castlerigg Stone Circle in watercolours with fresh snow blowing wildly and a little sunshine to warm this cold March day. This magical scene is just a mile from Keswick with 360 degrees views of glorious fells.

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Painted in watercolours by Jane Ward

Size 20 x 13


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This Original painting is sold unframed for safe delivery

For more details email lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk