Bluebell Wood in Watercolours.

Bluebell Walk painted in watercolours
Size 20 x 10 inches.
A sunny Spring morning and a perfect day to demonstrate
painting a Bluebell Wood in watercolours.
 Watercolour paper
A handful of brushes including a couple of riggers and a Hake or sft flat brush
Tubes of Cobalt Blue, Permanent or Opera Rose, Winsor Yellow or any bright Primary Yellow, Winsor Blue and a touch of Burnt Sienna.
Masking Tape or Fluid
 And a little inspiration to have hours of fun, creating your own Bluebell scene
My easy watercolour tutorial covers everything you need to know, with step by step instructions and lots of handy tips and secrets.



Pillar from Gable

Pillar and Ennerdale  from Gable

Painted in Watercolours

Size 20 x 13 inches


A wonderful day on the fells bagging Wainwright summits Great Gable and Green Gable in truly fantastic conditions.

This original watercolour is sold unframed for safe delivery and personal framing.