Leisure painter in the Italian Lakes

Monte Isola

Take the ferry from Sulzano across to Monta Isola, it only takes five minutes to sail across. Walk along the shore and find a shaded spot. Ideally  under an Olive tree in the warm afternoon sunshine. Gaze across the bay to the tiny village of Sensole and begin to sketch. You will need to dip your feet often into the warm blue lake, this helps with the inspiration and also will help to magic the paintbrush across the paper.

This is how I painted ‘Monte Isola’ watercolour, if you would like to sample a little of this magic why not come to Lake Iseo on my painting holiday the date is Saturday 14th September 2013 for a week we will stay at the stunning Rivalago on the Lake shore for more information 


Watercolours at Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo Watercolour
Lake Iseo Watercolour

Staying at Rivalago Hotel on the shores of Lake Iseo I painted this serene vista in watercolours. With only shades of Blues to see, the palette was easy to mix. To keep it pure to the view, no pencil marks were drawn just a  brush loaded with paint to show the simplicity of this breathtaking scene.

The light changes daily in the Italian Lakes, the days start with sunshine flooding through the open finistra, days are spent chasing shadows around sunlight buildings or sparkling light dancing on the Lake. Late afternoon  the delights come to life, a mass of colours subdue to tonal shades, shapes are simplified with just a wash of colour.

To sample this as an artist is truly wonderful