Little Gems

‘Little Gems’ Original Watercolour miniatures/ cards.

I started sending special miniature paintings to friends and family for special occasions mainly because I struggled to find a card without soppy sentiments or embossed gold flowers. These little Gems can be framed or just left as a card.

Each card measures 21 x 15 cms , the original paintings vary in size but are usually around 15 x 11.5 cms

Prices from £16 including Postage.

Herb Rocket Geranium £16

Poppyfield £16

White Rose £16

Bluebell Magic £16

Poppy time £16

Yorkshire Poppies £16

Flower Meadow £16

Buttercups £16

Essence of Spring. £16

Daisy study £20

Size 145 x 200 cms