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Watercolour Online course

The Watercolour Course with Jane Ward 


The Online watercolour course is designed for beginners and improving artists who want to develop their watercolour skills and techniques while working at their own leisure at home in their own environment. Each course consists of six individual projects, clear and informative photographs and instructions for you to work through in your own time. All with videos demonstrating each project, will guarantee, you will learn the joys of  painting with watercolours. With personal feedback on each of the six projects, this makes the course an unique and positive way to build a love of watercolour painting and take up a new hobby that will bring so much joy.

Beginners Online Watercolour Course One 

 Includes Step by step written instructions, Video demonstrations of each project, materials list, sketches and colour tags, Personal Feedback with each project and a Gift Voucher card if needed. £70.00

If you would like any information or to discuss which course is suitable email


Course One Derwentwater Posts Project 1

The Online course 

You will learn many new tips including how to capture  atmosphere in a landscape scene, Colour mixing, transparent washes, tonal values, easy and successful ways to paint skies, lakes and trees. These are just some of the techniques included and many secret watercolour tips, with lots of personal feedback.

Having personal feedback on each of my painting projects helped me gain in confidence and see a real improvement in my painting’ 

Each Course includes six projects with individual sketches, colour tags, a materials list and step by step demonstration with plenty of photographs, Step by step Video and personal feedback with each project.

Always fancied painting in watercolour, now is the time,  Learn a new hobby with many hours of enjoyment and fulfilment.

Watercolour Course One for Beginners

An ideal course to start watercolour painting with step by step guidelines, easy techniques, materials explained  and personal feedback. Course one includes six projects with individual sketches, colour tags, a materials list and step by step written demonstration. Each project has it’s own video demonstrating step by step techniques, with plenty of handy tips and personal feedback with each project.


Course One, Blea Tarn Project 2

The cost of Online Watercolour One course is £70.00 for six individual projects with Feedback.

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What happens next?

You will receive a welcoming email giving more information about the course, along with the first Step by Step project.

Material list, colour tags and sketches are sent through the post.

Here is the Material List for Course One

Once you have painted the first project, just send a photograph back for extra feedback and more helpful tips.

Project Two will follow and we will work through the course at YOUR speed

 Including six video demonstrations to complement Course one Watercolours for Beginners.

 This is the ideal course for someone who would like to start watercolour painting and not really sure where to begin.

An Ideal  present for the aspiring Artist. Personalised signed voucher card can be included, or a Digital Gift Voucher is also available.


Watercolour Course Two Beginners/ Intermediate

Course Two  leads on from the beginners course with six fun and challenging projects including, Tips on painting  Winter landscapes , Colour mixing for a Spring Bluebell Woodland and  a Colourful Autumn Lakeland scene. Personal feedback with each project and helpful hints to improve your painting skills learning many new watercolour techniques along the way.


Bluebells Course Two project 6



Buttermere Course two Project 4


The cost of Online Watercolour Two course is £75.00 for six individual projects.

The perfect course for Intermediate/Beginner wanting to learn new techniques and gain confidence with watercolour painting.

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Personalised gift vouchers available



Watercolour Course Three  Intermediate


Course Three is ideal for the Intermediate Artist with six challenging  colourful projects including Alpine views, Italian Lakes and  French Doorways to name a few. With personal feedback and helpful hints to improve your  painting skills  an ideal course if you fancy getting away from the UK palette. Each project comes with step by step guidelines, many techniques, materials explained  and personal feedback. Each Course includes six projects with individual sketches, colour tags, a materials list and step by step demonstration with plenty of photographs and handy tips and personal feedback with each project.

Course Three Mont Blanc Project 4


The cost of Online Watercolour Course Three is £75.00 for six individual projects.

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Based in the Lake District Jane paints regularly outdoors, with many of the subjects on the course, famous Lakeland scenes. Creating art and  painting is relaxing, and inspiring, it helps to take the mind to a good place. You will start looking for new ideas to paint, it can open up a whole new world of colour and possibilities. 


For single art tutorials and downloads Jane’s Etsy site

Reviews and Testimonials

 I know this is the end of course 1 so I would like to tell you how much I have enjoyed the whole thing. It has revolutionised my Saturday afternoons in Lockdown as a place of quiet calm and joy. Your videos and word instructions were invaluable and I feel like I’ve had a wonderful introduction to the world of watercolour. I will certainly be signing up for course 2! Many thanks indeed! Anna

I would like to say a big thank you for all your help in the first course, your helpful remarks were most encouraging.     I was a bit daunted at the prospect which took some time for me to start. It was just what I needed to motivate me after a long pause. I think this next course will certainly keep me busy for a while. Sylvia

“Thanks Jane, I have really enjoyed the challenge of your watercolour courses. I was a complete beginner to watercolours and you have managed to build my confidence, giving me great tips and constructive feedback along the way. I feel ready to go forth now and establish my own style with the new techniques I have learnt. You can watch as many free tutorials as you like on YouTube but what was important to me and the reason I purchased Jane’s courses in the first place was to get prompted feedback on each project. Jane proved to be a fantastic, encouraging tutor, you will not regret purchasing her courses.” Anne

Thank you so much for your inspiring and constructive comments Jane. ‘Windermere Sunset’ looks lovely, I can’t wait to get stuck in! Good wishes Christine

I really enjoyed all the colours of the sunset project. I did this one with my nieces who are 13 and 10 and they absolutely loved it too, Best wishes Katie

You have such a gift!!! I watch your videos  you make your paintings come alive your “blobs of trees” suddenly come alive and I can see every branch fantastic Jane thank u for sharing your skills luv Jan

It is a total pleasure working on your projects, I get excited when they pop up in my emails. I am looking forward to starting the last one but also quite sad that it will be over. It has truly been a fabulous Christmas present. Wendy

My friend bought me your course as a gift and although it’s taken me ages to get started, I’m now finding it a real life saver so Thank you..! I’ve really enjoyed your course so far and thought I’d send you my first  Derwentwater Posts… it’s been a bit of a lesson in what not to do,  I’m a complete beginner and have really been learning how to really look, even found myself looking at everything around me on my walks with new eyes. It’s just lovely to be working with such a beautiful medium, the paper, the colours just a really lovely focus for these moments in time.

Jane I cannot thank you enough for your help and support whilst I undertook your Watercolour course. 5 years ago I went to a local art group and each week I threw my offering in bin!!! Everyone could paint except a couple of us and unfortunately we didn’t get the support needed so when my husband suggested he pay for your course I wasn’t sure as I had seen your wonderful work and thought I bet its not really for beginners but I was wrong all the projects came within 2 days and as in lock down I knew I had the time. I admit the ones with videos were great as I tried and often failed to emulate you but with your support I loved the course and even though I often did at least 6 practice runs I got there and your fantastic feedback with tips helped me achieve so much. I am now beginning the 2nd course and can’t wait!! Thanks again and I have certainly recommended this course to friends here in the Lakes luv Jan

Thank you so much for your tuition. It’s been such an enormous help and “eye opener” as to how watercolours work. It’s been something I have been looking for for quite a while and given me confidence to try it. Angrid

Thanks very much for all your help with this course. As well as the painting techniques, it has taught me patience!!

I just wanted to say that I’m so glad I discovered your courses. They have helped me immeasurably this year. I have started to venture out on my own a bit now watercolour-wise Sarah

Many thanks for your kind comments and encouragement during my first on-line painting course – you have been very gentle with me! My husband would like me to pass on his comments to you – he says “As a retired teacher I wish I had been able to use your way with positivity and encouraging comments”.
He has also enjoyed me being occupied – think he means out of his hair – and has noticed how much self confidence you have restored in me. So thank you very much. I should very much like to take the next course and look forward to more challenges. Susan

Thank you Jane.  I’m starting to be brave enough to tackle simple landscapes of my own from photos now, which I wouldn’t have been able to do without having learnt about the techniques and colour mixing from your projects. Clare

I loved the effect of the drops of water on the trees and felt more confident in handling the paint.
I hope it shows but whatever -I’m learning a lot through these courses and look forward to your comments. Maureen

I had never tried an online course before and I am most impressed at how great it has been. Indeed I would rate it well above other classes I have attended. I have learnt so much and found great encouragements from your very kind comments. I feel much more confident and will try painting scenes which I would have been scared to try before. So I am enclosing my last project and I am delighted with it—-not because it is great but because I can see how much I have progressed due to your excellent tuition! Joyce, Belfast
I wish to thank you for your help and encouragement which has helped improve my artwork Elizabeth Yorkshire
“I wish someone had told me these tips earlier, the course has been a real insight into watercolour” Steve, Newcastle.
‘I am really pleased. Certainly one from “outwith the comfort zone” though! I really think that this course is what I needed to help me make progress and I’m loving it.Thanks Jude
‘Can I have project 4 – the weather here is so nice its no hardship to sit in the sun and paint’. Sue from Turkey
‘Looking forward to snow – never painted it before’. Margaret from North East
‘I am looking forward to doing a third correspondence course with you. I feel I’ve gained so much from the last two, and now have a folder full of very useful tips and information that I can always refer to.’ Jenny from Surrey.
I must admit that in no way would have chosen to do this picture outside of this course,I do not use a sponge, salt ,or masking fluid and so this was new to me. Well did I really say I wanted a challenge well this was but I have enjoyed the experience and my paintings can improve because of it. Ron from Somerset
I would like to say how much I have enjoyed it.I have learned so much and now get really excited when I paint in watercolours, You have so much inspired me Jane. Sue from Preston
I’ve been in a state of mild panic for quite a bit of this task but at the end, although I know where the panic bits are and tend to focus on my mistakes, I’m amazed at the finished painting!
I’m well out of my comfort zone but I do feel I’ve learnt such a lot!
I look forward to your feedback. Many thanks Maureen

I’ve learnt so much with  the Ullswater Tutorial, I do like the way that you teach. Best wishes Gill

Watch me painting project three Windermere sunset

And it really is this easy , enjoyable and addictive.

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