Summer Heather, Blencathra original oil painting

Summer Heather, Blencathra

Painted in Oils on board

Size 12 x 10 inches


Painted enplein by the side of the Glendamarkin on a wonderful Summers day,

Gazing towards the delights of Blencathra.

This original oil painting is sold unframed for safe delivery and personal framing for more information email

Wildflowers, Blencathra Original Oil Painting

Wildflowers, Blencathra

Painted in Oils

Size 15 x 15 Including Ivory Mount


A field of Wildflowers

with Blencathra in the distance

Butterflies and Bees whizzing by

A perfect Lakeland day.

To purchase this Original Oil painting or for more information email

Sharp Edge Original Oil painting


Sharp Edge

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

Size 20 x 16 inches

Price £200.00


This Original Oil painting of Sharp Edge was painted en plein from Troutbeck looking across to Blencathra. This original painting is sold unframed and can be hung with or without a frame for personal preference.

For more information email Jane  at