Ullswater Step by Step Watercolour Tutorial


Learn the secrets of watercolour painting in this beautiful Lakeland Scene of Ullswater

Many famous artists and poets gain inspiration in the Lake District, capturing soft light and atmospheric scenes. William Wordsworth was inspired by the Daffodils on the shores of Ullswater and wrote his famous poem based on what he saw while out walking with his sister.

If you fancy having a go at painting with watercolours, this step by step Lakeland project will show you many easy techniques.

Learn the secrets of watercolours, which materials to use and many different techniques are covered in step by step with plenty of clear photographs sent to you direct with this digital download.

This Step by step Includes Access to Three video’s showing live stages of this watercolour painting with Jane.

This tutorial can be viewed on your computer, tablet or printed to work from. It includes my step by step with many colour photographs on how I approach a painting in watercolours and includes a guide to materials and gives handy tips on equipment and those magical techniques that can bring a watercolour to life. This project is for Personal use only.


Price £5.00

Online Watercolour course

Blea Tarn e painting
Blea Tarn

What started as a tiny idea in the middle of the night, as become a project that I am really pleased with and also get so much enjoyment out of.

Having read some of John Ruskin’s diaries which he wrote while living in the Lake District, about students who took part in his correspondence course, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to do something similar  but with the powers of the internet. So I set up the ‘Online Watercolour Course’ this is designed for anybody who would like to learn some techniques in watercolour painting, while following in depth step by step projects. There are six project in each course and each one is a landscape scene. Some are of the Lake District, which is ideal to paint in Watercolours and lends itself to this wonderful medium.

The first project is a easy tonal painting of Derwentwater  from this we go to Blea Tarn in the Langdales and Windermere. ‘On the rocks’ is the sixth project in the first course and it always amazes me how everyone improves throughout the course and paints a stunning seascape scene.

With each project personal feedback is given and extra handy tips, it is I feel really important to get positive feedback and often paintings are just put in a draw and forgotten, but to see where improvements can be made can make such a difference to confident painting.

If you would like to start the Online course it’s £55 for six projects and is suitable for anyone who would like to learn the magic of watercolour.

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Learn to paint waves in watercolour
On the Rocks