Forever Autumn Original pastel painting.


Forever Autumn

Painted in Pastels

Size 12.5 x 6.5 inches





Winter Sunset, Derwentwater

Winter Sunset, Derwentwater

Painted in Pastels

Totally loved painting this Pastel .

Watching the Winter sunsets, the Geese, snow and magical light all  inspired this painting.

Limited Edition A3 Prints

£65.00 including p&p

Derwent Isle Pastel painting.

Derwent Isle

Derwent Isle

Painted in Pastels.

For Sale

I’ve being lucky enough to paint on the Island, this magical place on Derwentwater is owned by the National trust. Taking a small boat across, you feel like you are in a mini world all of your own, with 360 degree views it really would be a rather pleasant place to live.

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