The Watercolour Course with Jane Ward

Course One Materials list 

I’ve inserted a few links to make shopping for materials a little easier.

Watercolour Paper is in many forms ‘Not’, ‘Rough’ and ‘Hot pressed’ ‘Not’ is the most popular weight either 140lbs or 200lbs’Hot pressed’ is ideal for Botanical and detailed work and ‘Rough’ can work well in a Landscape painting. Pads and Blocks what’s the difference? A ‘pad’ each piece is loose and a ‘block’ comes ready stretched, you work one piece at a time, when you have finished the watercolour painting take a small knife and take the paper off the block

I recommend 

Bockingford 140 or 200lbs Not, Fabriano 140lbs Not, Saunders Waterford Not 200lb and Arches 140lbs Watercolour papers

Paints Watercolour paints come in tubes and pan sets. Tubes are ideal for working indoors, and most popular. A greater richness of colour and tone can be obtained. Pan sets are ideal for working outside. Watercolour paints come in Student and Artist Quality.

I recommend

The Online Watercolour Course ‘One’ uses
Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Winsor Blue (Red shade), Gamboge Yellow, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Viridian, Permanent Rose, Cadmium Red 5ml tubes are ideal to start with. Zinc White Gouache paint

Winsor and Newton Cotman tubes are ideal for the Watercolour course.

Brushes and Pencils A couple of good brushes are all that you need to start Watercolour painting. Brushes come in many different hairs Sable, Goat, Kolinsky Sable and man made. There are many different shapes Flat, Round, Rigger and Fan to name a few. Watercolour brushes come in many sizes from 00 to Size 25. 2B Pencils are ideal for a watercolour sketch and range up to 9B. Watercolour pencils come in many colours and can be used in a watercolour sketching and are great for quick outdoor work.

3/4 inch Hake, Series 401 pointed Sable mix Size 8 and 12, Series 303 Flat One stroke 1 inch brush, Series 771 number 6 and 4 riggers these can all be bought from I also use a small Chinese sable brush bought from Heaton Cooper in Grasmere. Please note, these are not necessary if you have brushes you are already happy using.

Mixing palettes can be bought but working at home you can’t beat white china saucers!

A large container for water.
2b pencil, rubber, masking tape, masking fluid, and a small sponge I find a household washing up sponge ideal torn into some pieces.

The Online Watercolour Course

An ideal course to start watercolour painting with step by step guidelines, easy techniques, materials explained  and personal feedback. Each Course includes six projects with individual sketches, colour tags, a materials list and step by step demonstration with plenty of photographs and handy tips and personal feedback with each project.

Now including five video demonstrations to complement Course one Watercolours for Beginners.

The perfect gift for a would be artist, signed Gift voucher cards are available £75.00

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