How it works

The Watercolour Course with Jane Ward

How it works

* Six sketches, an helpful materials list with colour tags will be posted to you when you start the course.

*By email a detailed step by step with plenty of clear photographs, demonstrating stages of each individual project with plenty of notes for guidance on how to build up each project. This comes as an attachment Word document.

*At your leisure have a go at the project and when finished just email a copy of the painting back to Jane for some gentle guidance and a few extra tips.

* Six video demonstrations with step by step guidance included in Course One, Two and Three.

*Once the first project has been successfully completed, the next will follow and so on…..

The Watercolour Course is aimed at beginners new to Watercolours and students who have dabbled over the years and would like to learn new techniques in Landscape painting. Colour mixing, basic washes and learning to master wet in wet and softening techniques  are all covered in six enjoyable projects.

Six Sketches, Colour Tags and material list

Online Watercolour course is £75.00 for six individual projects.

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One thought on “How it works

  1. Thank you for your speedy reply Jane. Have registered today for the on-line watercolour course, and look forward to receiving the first project.

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